St. Mary’s University has partnered with local artist Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal for an exciting new Artist in Residency project and commissioned art piece.

Having previously worked in multiple different capacities with St. Mary’s, it is a community that Tamara has enjoyed getting to know as well as a relationship she has continued to foster. This relationship building led to Cardinal proposing an artist in residency project with the goal of creating an eight-pointed handmade paper star and the continuation of the project “Mekinawewin: to give gift,” which according to the dynamic young artist would offer the time and space for these works to truly embed the St. Mary’s community within them.

Taking inspiration from various sources, an eight-pointed star will be created for the St. Mary’s University permanent collections over a three-month period. During this time, the work will be housed/stationed on the St. Mary’s campus for members of the St. Mary’s community to access the workshop and its materials so that all can partake in the learning opportunities presented.

“A continuation of ‘Mekinawewin: to give a gift; would allow the workshops to be hosted on a regular bases inviting students, staff, community members, and Elders to learn how to pull their own handmade paper sheets which would both contribute to the eight-pointed star as well as the ongoing timeline of Alberta from an Indigenous perspective,” explained Tamara.

“It would be the St. Mary’s community members’ paper that would create the eight-pointed star, while utilizing materials that have already been assembled.”

Over a one-hour period, this workshop will take participants through the process of creating handmade paper. In keeping with Cardinal’s nêhiyaw tradition, the first handmade paper sheet pulled will be gifted away to the project, while the participant has a choice to bring the rest of their pulled sheets home with them.

To learn more or to register, click here.