For St. Mary’s University graduate Josh Sheppard, it has always been a focus to go into law.

Josh completed his history degree with a minor in political science in 2021. When deciding on an undergraduate university, he chose St. Mary’s as it reflected the similar intimate class sizes that law school would have.

“The class sizes and atmosphere of participation helped set me up with 4 years of experience with that style of class,” Josh quoted. He vividly remembers the relationships and rapport he fostered with professors because of the small classes sizes and open office hours. “I was extremely grateful for the feedback given to me from professors during office hours. I didn’t feel pushed aside, I felt welcomed. The first time I went to ask for help from a professor, he welcomed me in, read my entire paper and made notes. After, he gave me feedback to set me up for high results. This ended up being a 30-45-minute meeting. It’s moments like these that I will always remember and keep with me.”

Josh took his LSAT in his third year of undergrad studies and got accepted as a student into the University of Calgary Faculty of Law following his graduation in 2021. His successes are an inspiration for current StMU students looking to prepare themselves for a similar path for law school.

Josh shares “If you’re at StMU, you’re already on the right path to success. Don’t limit yourself to one thing, do what you love and spend time building your passions with on campus extracurricular clubs and activities.” He was the founder of the Pre-Law Club here at StMU. “This heightened my knowledge and experience of law and may have even helped me get into U of C for law!” Josh expressed.

We are very proud at St. Mary’s University to hear and share stories such as these about our alumni. We would like to thank Josh for allowing us to share his passion and continued success in law school. If you would like to share your stories please reach out to We would love to hear what you’ve been up to since graduating at StMU!