German transfer student Christina Linner reflects on her time in Canada and at St. Mary’s University.

For most students the end of the fall term is met with relief as exams wrap up and the holiday spirit begins to take hold, but for German exchange student Christina Linner the fall semester break was bitter sweet as it signified the end of her time at St. Mary’s University.

It was an information event through the International Office at her school in Germany, the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt that Linner was presented with the opportunity to come to Calgary and attend school at St. Mary’s.

“The head of our International Office mentioned that our school had a new partner university in Canada and so I looked it up and Calgary seemed like a great city,” said Linner. “I liked the fact that St. Mary’s was a small school, only being here for four months I didn’t want problems getting settled and everything was perfect.”

A lot goes in to preparing for such an experience, but Linner leaving home for school was a bit easier after having spent a gap year in Australia after finishing high school.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when coming here, a new city and a new school and I was really curious about the school systems here in Canada,” explained Linner.

In Germany Linner is working on a dual degree in English and Psychology and enrolled in Psychology classes at St. Mary’s.

“I’m really happy with my decision because St. Mary’s offered classes that are not offered at my home university, so it was a great opportunity to do different things.”

Linner credits the smaller class sizes at St. Mary’s and the proximity to teachers as having a significant impact on her during her time in Canada.

“I think the teachers can offer more help because the classes are smaller and that was great,” said Linner. “My fellow classmates offered help, anytime I emailed someone they got back to me right away, it’s great!”

“St. Mary’s is a lot like my university back home, it was great that there were small classes. Everyone was open minded and understanding.”

There were many things that Linner said she would miss most about her time in Canada and with St. Mary’s University but it was the people and the connections she made in her classes that will stay with her forever.

“I’m going to miss all the nice people I met here,” said Linner. “I have many great memories to take home with me.”