Art History Travel Study: Art and Architecture of Rome and Florence

RomeThis travel study course enables participants to study firsthand the great masterpieces of Western Sacred Art and Architecture as it evolved during the nearly 1400-year period between the end of pagan Roman Antiquity and the conclusion of the Baroque Era.

Class meetings take place on location in “The Eternal City” as well as in Florence and Siena, permitting firsthand study of extant works in situ. These range chronologically beginning with the Ancient through the Early Christian, Medieval, Renaissance, and concluding with Baroque Rome.

Monumental painting, sculpture, architecture, mosaic cycles, and city planning constitute major foci of the course, as do other arts high in the medieval hierarchy of media such as manuscript illumination, ivory and wood carving, metalwork, textiles and embroidery, and the multi-media events – liturgies, processions, coronations, pilgrimages – in whose service much medieval Roman art and architecture were created. The course will have an interdisciplinary theme focusing on the interplay of cultural, political, and social forces shaping the art and architecture of each era which in turn transformed the very visage of Rome and Italy itself.

Instructor: Martinho Correira (pre-departure lectures)
Schedule: May 10 to 24, 2015
Tuition: $640.50
Travel Fee: $5,000, which includes airfare, accommodation, insurance, breakfasts, local transportation, entrance fees and tours for all required events
Applications: Due no later than December 1, 2014

For additional information, please contact:
Elizabeth Cressman, Continuing Education Coordinator