Call for Submissions!

Dr. Gayle Thrift, editor of the journal, The Attic, is soliciting examples of your most exemplary work. She will be selecting first rate essays, laboratory assignments, field notes, reviews, and explications from across the disciplines for publication in the 2018 volume. This is your opportunity to look great in print and add a line to your resume.

The Publication

Attic: the prestige dialect of Ancient Greek spoken and written in Attica and its principle city, Athens; Attic purity: special purity of language; Attic style: a style pure and elegant; Attic faith: inviolable faith; Attic salt/Attic wit: a poignant, delicate wit.

A journal devoted to the publication of exceptional undergraduate papers. By providing students a public forum for expressing their intellectual pursuits, The Attic promotes increased student engagement in research and scholarship, while also fostering a scholarly community of emerging researchers. The papers must adhere to the scholarly and stylistic expectations of the respective field, with a minimal amount of grammatical and mechanical errors. Submissions subscribe to the citation format assigned to each discipline. Limit: a maximum of 3 submissions per student.


  1. The call is open to current St. Mary’s students and recent alumnus/alumna.
  2. Please send the following to
    • the title of your paper, the discipline, your contact information;
    • a scan of the graded essay (A, A+);
    • a WORD copy of the essay with any corrections completed;
    • a 2-3 sentence biography of yourself (it will be posted online for the internet version).
  3. DEADLINE: MAY 15, 2018