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Bachelor of Education Practicum

Program Goals

The degree is designed to provide:

An intensive orientation to and mastery of the knowledge, skills and attributes essential for those who would teach in the primary/elementary, K-6 programs administered by authorized school authorities in the Province of Alberta and beyond, with particular reference to the unique environment of the Catholic school system in Alberta. Catholic School Districts/Divisions seek teachers who can articulate what it means to be Catholic and who are able to integrate their faith and culture in an all-inclusive community. This degree program is structured to achieve that objective.

The BEd degree program offers the following distinctive characteristics:

  • A two-year, after degree 60-credit period of academic study and practicum, which is predicated on prior completion of a St. Mary’s University BA degree or an equivalent liberal arts degree;
  • An admissions process that includes: (a) an analysis of all preceding academic accomplishments; (b) a demonstrated commitment to the vocation/profession of education; and (c) a rating of abilities based on the criteria of learner, worker and leader; and
  • Seventeen courses, developed with reference to the terms of Directive 4.2.1: “Teaching Quality Standard Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education in Alberta” as specified by Alberta Education and with reference to best practices in Alberta universities including:
    • Eight courses in Education Curriculum and Methodology,three courses in Educational Philosophy,three courses in Educational Foundations,three courses in intensive Education Field Practicum.

All courses in any one curriculum sequence (Educational Curriculum and Methodology, Educational Foundations, Educational Philosophy, Education Field Practicum) are delivered in a “spiral acceleration format.” There is an assumption that preliminary knowledge, skills and attributes have been achieved. This requires attainment of “mastery levels” of skill and knowledge in each preliminary course, such that instruction in the next course in that sequence will proceed independently. Instruction will be delivered by a judicious combination of full-time core education faculty members and experienced field practitioners who have all completed graduate degrees in education and have extensive experience as teachers and/or administrators.