047St. Mary’s Bachelor of Education program has, over the past year, received ten donated pieces of art. The works were made and donated by students from grades one to six at Our Lady of Evergreen Elementary school. On Friday, January 8, 2016, students from the school, Danni West who is a teacher at Our lady of Evergreen, and Aimee Paraschuk, the principal, were on campus to officially present St. Mary’s with this donation.
Danni, and Aimee spoke to current Bachelor of Education students about the importance of integrating fine arts and creative projects into their teaching. They also shared ways to incorporate art with other core topics of study. Students from Our Lady of Evergreen presented their artwork to the St. Mary’s student teachers, and spoke to the inspiration for their projects. Paulo, a grade 6 student whose work is pictured above, explained that his piece features butterflies, and grew out of the idea that, “as we learn we blossom and discover ourselves”.

This ceremony provided a glimpse into the truly collaborative nature of the Bachelor of Education program at St. Mary’s University. It also provided the students, who are currently in the program, with the opportunity to understand how to incorporate fine arts into their core curricular activities, while giving their students an opportunity to express their true identity.