Bee balm or Monarda fistulosa, is a perennial herb. This herb contains an antiseptic that is commonly found in mouth washes. It was used by the Blackfoot to help treat infections on both the skin as well as in the mouth and throat (was used as tea).

Bee Balm is part of the mint family, and the leaves are often used in teas, salads and garnishes. The flowers (pink, red or purplish) are also edible as well and add a nice pop of colour to salads. It is believed that bee balm can act as a stimulant, as most of the mint family can. This means it can help increase concentration and boost energy.

Bee balm flowers are very attractive to bees & other pollinators, hence the name. We look forward to seeing it flower next spring.

Go check out our bee balm today in the STMU medicine garden. Feel free to pick off a few leaves and try them in tea! It is absolutely delicious.

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