St. Mary’s students and volunteers gathered together last Saturday to build raised garden boxes for the medicine garden. We decided to build raised garden boxes since the ground near the flagpole has lots of poplar roots. Also, raised beds will prevent damage from mowing and weed-whacking, provide good drainage, look nicer, and warm up a bit earlier in spring. We used cedar wood which is naturally rot and insect resistant so the beds will be around for quite a while.

Our volunteers and students started the day with a safety talk to recognize and control hazards on the project to prevent any possible accident. Following that, tasks were assigned and we started cutting, drilling, screwing and putting together the garden boxes. Other students helped to water the plants that are already in the garden.

Once the boxes were ready we placed them on the ground and made sure they were in the correct place. Finally, we ended a productive morning by partially filling the boxes with soil.

It was very exciting to see the cooperation of students and volunteers working together to help build our medicine garden. Seeing the garden taking shape brings satisfaction from all the hard work everyone is contributing.

We are very, very thankful to our volunteers for taking time from their busy lives to help out! This project couldn’t have been as successful with your involvement.

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