How to Provide Basic Mental Health Support

Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

How can we provide basic mental health support during COVID19? When should we refer people to people to professional help? How can we care for ourselves?

In response to questions like these, we are pleased to partner with Alberta Health Services and their Community helpers program to provide this webinar on how to provide mental health support both during COVID19 and at any time.

Bess Yang will be providing this introduction to mental health community helping. This training will be of particular benefit to anyone who is a part of a core or call team or who is a part of our neighbourhood teams and wants some skills in helping people who are facing mental health challenges during this pandemic.

Please Register at:

April 30, 2020 at 7pm – 9pm

Zoom – A zoom link will be sent to you when you register.
Please share this invitation widely.

We want to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of our mental health work and COVID19 response.

We The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a proud partner in Enough for All Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Calgary Alliance for the Common Good