Rain or shine, St. Mary’s University’s campus has been abuzz for the past few days with visitors trying to catch Pokémon characters at various hotspots on our campus. This new phenomenon, Pokémon Go is a free to play, mobile game that involves people travelling to different locations across the city to capture Pokémon characters on their phones through the use of an app. We were excited to learn that currently on our campus there are a few spots where people can capture the characters on their phones.

If you are playing the game on our campus, please keep in mind that the game does pose a few safety concerns, especially if players are on their phone while driving, crossing the street or walking without paying attention to their surroundings. We ask that you respect the property and if you notice players behaving in an unsafe manner, please contact Eddy Souriol, Director of Facilities, Safety and Security, at eddy.souriol@stmu.ca or 403-254-3733. For any media inquiries, please contact Catrinel Popescu, Marketing, Communications & Media Coordinator, at catrinel.popiscu@stmu.ca or 403-254-3705.

We look forward to welcoming new visitors on our campus that are playing the world’s most popular and fastest growing virtual reality (VR) game!