The St. Mary’s University campus is continuing to evolve as redevelopment projects are well underway and starting to take shape.

Made possible by funding from the Post-Secondary Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) as well as funding from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure program, locations on campus have started to receive significant upgrades that will revitalize facilities and improve the campus experience for St. Mary’s students.

Foundation work is 80% completed on the Administration Building, with the membrane installed and the soil already back in place and scheduled to be complete by mid-July. The installation of new windows in the Bio Labs have been completed.

The HVAC system arrived on Monday, June 26 and was installed in place in the Classroom building. Classroom flooring upgrades for the Chemistry Labs will begin in mid-July and windows in the Chemistry lab have been completed.

The library has undergone the most significant transformation, flooring has been completed, the HVAC system is also completed. New shelving will be up and ready for a mid-July completion date. The new Reading Room in the library has been finished and is a beautiful addition to house our special collections while offering a dynamic new space. Electrical work is currently ongoing.

“We are getting closer and closer each and every day,” said Eddy Souriol, Director of Facilities, Safety and Security at St. Mary’s University. “The revitalization of these spaces around campus will be of huge benefit to the students of St. Mary’s and for those who utilizes our facilities.”