With the current pandemic forcing changes to regular activities, programs, and access to campus our Board of Governors at St. Mary’s has approved not charging students selected fees for the Fall term as recommended by both the Tuition & Fees Committee, and the Finance Committee.

The following fees will be removed for the Fall term:

  • Students will not be charged Student Association fees – $9/3 credits for a maximum of $45 for 5 Fall courses.
  • Students will not be charged Athletics/Campus Recreation fees – $50 for students enrolled in 1-2 courses; $100 for students enrolled in 3-5 courses.
  • There will be no charge for the UPASS of $155 for Fall term for students enrolled in 3 or more courses.

If you have questions about tuition and/or fees for the fall term please contact:
Jack Nodwell at jack.nodwell@stmu.ca