St. Mary’s University Practicum Experience

Bachelor of Education – Elementary & Secondary

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all schools, Principals, Cooperating Teachers and Staff for supporting St. Mary’s University Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Program. Our students, whether this year or in the past, have been welcomed into your schools and flourished in the setting you provided for them. Please review the descriptions of each practicum experience below, and then scroll to the link to submit your interest in mentoring a Preservice Teacher.

1st Year Preservice Teacher

EDPR 331 (Fall): Preservice Teachers are responsible for active observations and assisting with individual and small group learners, moving towards several planned lessons (at the discretion of the Cooperating Teacher). The primary objective of this initial practicum is to become familiar with the life of schools, teachers, and learners with the intention of returning to the same placement for EDPR 337 with increased responsibility and authority in Semester II.

EDPR 337 (Winter): Preservice Teachers return to their EDPR 331 Cooperating Teacher and classroom during this practicum in Semester II. Preservice Teachers are responsible for in-class activities that include planning and teaching of lessons to small groups of students progressing to whole class instruction. Responsibility for the teaching load progresses to approximately 25% to 35% (at the discretion of the Cooperating Teacher).

2nd Year Preservice Teacher

EDPR 431 (Fall): The primary objectives include preparation and delivery of individual lesson plans, progressing to a series of connected lessons that constitute a unit plan. Teaching progresses to approximately 50-65% of the time.

EDPR 437 (Winter): The final practicum allows Preservice Teachers to examine the complexities of curriculum, planning, instructing and assessing in whole class settings. The primary objectives include the continued preparation and delivery of lesson plans, progressing to more extensive unit planning and increased classroom responsibility. Teaching progresses to 80% to 100% of the time (at the discretion of the Cooperating Teacher).

Once you have reviewed the details for each practicum experience, please fill out the form below to submit your interest:

Cooperating Teacher Request for Preservice Teacher – 2023/2024 Academic Year

Thank you again for your support and for contributing to the future generation of teachers!