On Wednesday, July 20, St. Mary’s University was pleased to welcome Professor Chih-Hui Chang, Dean of International Affairs from Da Yeh University in Taiwan to campus to meet with St. Mary’s President Dr. Sinda Vanderpool, Dr. Paolina Seitz, interim Dean of Education, and Dr. Pablo Ortiz, Director of Student Affairs to reactive a collaboration agreement that had been impacted by the pandemic.

Also present at the meeting were St. Mary’s partners from Calgary Study Abroad who facilitate the international teaching practicum in Taiwan for St. Mary’s University Bachelor of Education students.

“These relationships are so important for our school and for our students and faculty,” said Dr. Ortiz. “Reestablishing our collaborative relationship with Da Yeh University in Taiwan will provide an opportunity not only for our Bachelor of Education students but for students in the Arts and Sciences programs to channel their passion and purpose by immersing themselves in diverse and international learning experiences. This collaboration agreement will serve as a vehicle for our students to foster their own global citizenship, should they decide to engage in a semester abroad in Taiwan.”

The two institutions agreed to promote mutually beneficial activities in the areas of education, research, and others, and to cooperate and work together toward the internationalization of higher education and research.

Such collaboration may present exciting opportunities for both institutions such as: the exchange of students, exchange of faculty members, joint research projects, joint scientific or academic conferences, summer school opportunities and so much more.

“Experiential learning is such a tremendous benefit for a student,” said Dr. Ortiz. “It allows the student to gain valuable experience in their respective field of study while receiving the benefits of cultural immersion. To be able to have this kind of opportunity provide our students with different perspectives while also allowing students from our partnering institutions the opportunity to come to St. Mary’s and experience the amazing programming we have here.”