Design of Heritage Center Taking Shape

July 22, 2016

The Heritage Center project officially broke ground in April of 2016 and has since made astonishing progress. The design of the highly anticipated Heritage Center has begun to take shape and is transforming our campus. Following an intense construction timeline throughout the spring, the Heritage Center building is quickly coming together with concrete 90% complete, interior wall framing along the north corridor nearing completion, and architectural timber beams installed.

During our annual Stampede Breakfast, which was held on campus July 14, 2016, guests and donors were able to participate in a tour of the construction site. This milestone tour is but one of the celebrations planned to mark significant construction milestones in this project. We are grateful for the continued support of our loyal donors and supporters who have made significant contributions, which have made this project possible.

This 4,700 square foot building will accommodate approximately 150 students, and will offer open spaces which will foster engaged learning, innovative teaching techniques, and will further our commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Through the creation of flexible and creative learning and performance space the student experience on our campus will continue to be enhanced. In addition to performance and study areas, the Heritage Center will provide teaching, learning, and research space specifically for our Bachelor of Education program. The faculty and students of the Bachelor of Education program will utilize this space for interactive lessons and as a space to conduct simulation teaching as a part of the student teacher curriculum.

The Heritage Center on campus will enhance learning experiences and will ensure St. Mary’s continues to be a destination for exceptional students while continuing to offer an adaptable and intimate learning environment. Thanks to the many donors who made this expansion possible, students on St. Mary’s campus will be provided with an ideal environment to explore ideas, find their voices, and interact with their peers and professors as they pursue higher education and reach their goals. Not only will the Heritage Center contribute to preserving our history and maintaining our cultural heritage, it will also present our community a unique space for learning, creating, and coming together.

A series of supervised site visits will be conducted throughout the construction of the Heritage Center. These site visits will give you rare access to the project and information about construction status, and build pedagogy, complexity and functionality. To attend a site visit please email or phone 403.254.3139 to speak to Thérèse Takacs, VP Advancement.