Dr. Karim Dharamsi, Dean of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Karim Dharamsi

Dean of Arts and Sciences, ​Professor of Philosophy and Liberal Studies

Phone: (403) 254-7929
Office: A111

BA, BEd (Calgary), MA, PhD (Toronto)

Specializations: Philosophy of History, Action Explanation, Philosophy of Education

Undergraduate education has two distinctive but related dialectical responsibilities. The first is individual self-improvement, the kind that sorts our moral attitudes, allows for self-reflection, self-criticism, the understanding of the interests and values of others, and moral growth. The second responsibility is to the ‘common good,’ the sorting of our political order so that it is more equitable, just, and pluralistic. I am at St Mary’s because our institution is shaped by these complementary commitments.


I am Professor of Philosophy and Liberal Studies and Dean of Arts and Sciences at St Mary’s University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have published in the philosophy of history, on the philosophy of R.G. Collingwood, Wittgenstein, Frege, the philosophy of education and liberal education. I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto under the co-supervision of Sonia Sedivy (Philosophy) and William Seager (Philosophy). I have worked at the intersection of the philosophy of history, philosophy of action, and educational foundations since my years as an undergraduate at the University of Calgary. Immediately after my undergraduate education, and before attending the U of T, I studied at the Graduate Institute in Liberal Education (Mathematics and Natural Science) at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland.

Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Education, Liberal Education

Philosophy and Liberal Studies