Dr. Peter Doherty

On Leave: 2021-2022

Dr. Peter Doherty

Associate Professor, Psychology and Family Studies

Phone: (403) 254-3737

Email: Peter.Doherty@stmu.ca

Office: A205

PhD Psychology, United States International University, San Diego

MSc Pastoral Counselling, Loyola College, Baltimore

BTh Theology, St. Paul University, Ottawa

BA (Special) Psychology, University of Alberta, Edmonton

BA General Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton

Specialization/research interests:relationship beliefs of premarital couples; family dynamics in the development of spirituality

I have been teaching at St. Mary’s University for seventeen years. I have seen the university grow from a small college to a small university. One of my greatest satisfactions while being here is watching students grow in knowledge, self-awareness and maturity. I take seriously my role as an educator and part I play in a student’s preparation to follow their dreams.

My teaching style is simple. Adults best learn by engaging with the course material and each other. It is in the intellectual discussion, evaluating the relevance of the research and applying the knowledge to current issues that one gains an appreciation of knowledge. I stress that students must take the knowledge learned in the classroom to their world.

My research has developed from my clinical work and the current trends in psychological research. Like my colleagues I am focusing on what keeps people healthy. Rather than concentrating on treating illness I am interested in what keeps healthy people healthy.

Related to this is my interest in the integration of psychology and spirituality. Psychology without spirituality is behaviourism. Spirituality without the inclusion of the human experience is simply pietism.

The two areas I am studying that reflect this integration are forgiveness and resilience. These research areas are related and relevant to living fully in our world today.

I am also committed to the development of Family Studies courses. It is my hope that St. Mary’s will be offering an undergraduate degree with a major in Family Studies.

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