Dr. Samantha Kimball

Dr. Samantha Kimball

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Human Kinetics

Phone: (403)-254-3730
Email: Samantha.kimball@stmu.ca
Office: A310
PhD Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto
MSc Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto
BScH Biology, University of Guelph
MLT (Medical Laboratory Technologist), St. Lawrence College in Kingston

Specialization/research interests: The role vitamins, particularly vitamin D, minerals and phytochemicals play in our overall health

I began my career in medical laboratory science and through anatomy and biochemistry it evolved into a focus on nutritional science.

Dr. Samantha Kimball moved from Ontario to Alberta in 2014. Dr. Kimball is the Research Director at Pure North S’Energy Foundation, a not for profit organization focused on preventive health and wellness through the use of nutritional supplements, with a focus on optimizing vitamin D, and lifestyle advice. In her role as Research Director, Dr. Kimball promotes evidence-based research on outcomes related to the Pure North program, vitamin D, food and lifestyle, our microbiome and others, including early detection of cancer.

Before attending graduate school, she has trained in medical laboratory science, hematology, transfusion science, microbiology, histology and biochemistry and worked in the clinical lab at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for 13 years. Dr. Kimball was also privileged to act as professional member for the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO), the governing body for MLTs, for 7 years.

Dr. Kimball received her Doctorate of Philosophy and Master of Science degrees from the department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. The main focus of her graduate work was the safety of vitamin D as well as its potential as a therapeutic agent in patients with multiple sclerosis, the immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D and its role in chronic disease.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Kimball has sought new challenges and learning opportunities and embraced many disciplines to explore various interests with a focus on improving health. Too often in our society we focus on extending life and ignore the quality of our lives. She loves to share her knowledge and has embraced teaching. Everyone should have an interest in nutrition simply because it is closely related to our own state of health: it’s personal. In the past she lectured at the University of Toronto, where she taught Nutritional Toxicology and Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism courses, as well as at Ryerson University where she taught Nutrition Through the Life Span. Dr. Kimball is now teaching nutrition at St. Mary’s University.

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