095On February 5th, 2016, St. Mary University hosted over 150 people on campus to view Elder in the Making in McGivney Hall. The event welcomed community members, staff, facu

lty and students of St. Mary’s for an educational and emotional journey together through traditional Blackfoot territory and Treaty 7 land and spirit. Cindy Provost, an integral member of our First Nations, Métis and Inuit Advisory Council grounded everyone in prayer, followed by a heartfelt and emotional testimony and memorial of Michael Green and Narcisse Blood delivered by Carol Mason, founding member of the Making Treaty 7 Board.
117A year ago, on February 6th, 2015, St. Mary’s hosted the 2nd act screening of Making Treaty 7 in McGivney Hall, facilitated by Michael Green. It was days later that the St. Mary’s community was saddened by the tragic car crash that took his life and the life of four others on February 10th. Chris Hsiung and Cowboy Smithx, who produced, directed and starred in this documentary, introduced their film and the roots of the film’s impetus to be in the Making Treaty 7 production. Art inspiring art, inspiring life.

An emotional film for Chris and Cowboy, the attendees watched Elder in the Making, shocked, moved and having gained a greater understanding of what it means to live here on this land, and maybe of what it means to be an Elder in the Making. After the film, Chris and Cowboy were very open and engaging about the film making process, surprises encountered along the way and their future plans. There was a sense of nourishment and hopeful wonder as attendees left thinking about how they are and can be an Elder in the Making.