Enrolment Services

Registrar: Laura Cochrane
Associate Registrar: Kalissa Bliek
Enrolment Services Officer: Cara Goode
Location: Administration Building, Rm. 121
Phone: (403) 531-9130
Fax: (403) 531-9136

The Enrolment Services Office is the main point of contact for prospective and current students as they navigate through their academic careers at St. Mary’s University. Call to book appointments. Open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Year-round, except statutory holidays and Christmas break.

Services Offered

Admission and Registration

  • Apply for Admission
  • Apply to a Degree Program
  • Apply for Transfer Credit
  • Pick up an Academic Calendar
  • View Master Timetable
  • Make an Advising Appointment
  • Register for Courses
  • Get a Personal Schedule Printed
  • Change or Cancel Registrations
  • Withdraw from Courses
  • View Exam Schedule
  • Check Grades
  • Request a Transcript
  • Apply for Graduation


  • Pay Tuition and Fees
  • Make Payment Arrangements
  • Apply for Awards or Bursaries
  • Apply for Student Loans
  • Have Student Loan Documents Confirmed
  • Have RESP Documents Confirmed
  • Request a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter
  • Request Duplicate T2202A Receipts

Other Services

  • Access Disability Resources
  • Get an ID Card
  • Pick Up a U-Pass Sticker
  • Hand in Assignments (Depending on Instructor Preference)
  • Rent a Locker
  • Register Vehicle for Parking
  • Check the Lost & Found

Additional Resources

Student lockers are available in the classroom building and the Le Fort Centre on a first-come, first-served basis for a nominal fee. Locker registration is required at the Enrolment Services Office and only approved combination type locks may be used. Unregistered lockers are subject to lock removal and clearance. The University is not responsible for any personal effects left on campus, whether in a locker or not.

Parking is available free of charge in areas designated for students on a first-come, first-served basis. Students planning to park on campus must register their vehicles with the Enrolment Services Office.

Students, with the exception of international students and students over the age of 70, are insured through a University provided accident insurance plan that covers injuries sustained in campus buildings or on the premises while attending classes on any regular day of classes; while attending or participating in any University activity approved and supervised by an appropriate University authority; while travelling directly to or from any regularly scheduled and approved University activity under the direction or supervision of a proper University authority; and while travelling to or from the insured’s residence and the University for the purpose of attending classes or participating in any University-sponsored activity.

Lost and Found
The Lost and Found is located in the Enrolment Services Office. To assist the Enrolment Services Office staff in the return of lost items, please mark your name and/or ID number on your belongings.

Remember, we are always here to help you along the way. Call (403) 531-9130 for an appointment with an advisor at any time during your St. Mary’s experience.