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Acknowledging and Challenging Anti-Black Racism with Cynthia Okafor

In this session, participants will explore the roots of Anti-Black Racism, including its historical and colonial context, and how it manifests within modern-day Canadian society. Participants will also critically examine the role of Anti-Black Racism in their lives and surroundings, and the tools on how to identify, disrupt and challenge it at both the individual and systemic level.

*This is event is hosted and sponsored by the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Cynthia Okafor is a proud Calgarian, born and raised, and has been practicing in the field of social work for almost twenty-years. She earned her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary and later obtained a Master’s degree with a specialization in community development and social policy from Carleton University.

Currently, Cynthia works as an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Consultant within the public sector. She also runs a part-time consulting practice where she provides Training, education and awareness in the area equity and anti-racism and guides organizations in working through a change management process using a racial equity lens. Cynthia is passionate about racial equity and social justice and works tirelessly to create an environment that acknowledges, embraces and values differences. She believes that true change happens when individuals are given the opportunity to engage in real, raw and authentic conversations and the tools to actively work towards removing barriers at the systemic and institutional level.

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