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Join us for the virtual launch of Eugene Stickland’s First and Last!

The event will take place on Zoom.

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First and Last is a comedy by Calgary-based playwright and novelist Eugene Stickland. Musician Lenny returns from a West Coast tour to find his girlfriend gone and his apartment empty. Past the deadline for his new album, Lenny struggles to compose new material. In the midst of his heartbreak and while trying to write his next album, people begin to show up at his door to move into the apartment–victims of a con. A young couple, a hipster, a synchronized swim team and two refugees all lay claim to the same sanctuary–Lenny’s apartment.

A few words about himself by Eugene: I grew up in Regina where I eventually worked on an MA in English at the University of Regina, which was interrupted when I went to Toronto to complete an MFA in Playwriting at York University. Following that, I wrote plays in Toronto for a number of years for the Act IV Theatre Company while at the same time working in a number of communications-related positions, including the editor of the Frontier College Press. After a brief stint back in Regina in the early ’90’s, at which time my daughter Hanna came into the world, I moved to Calgary in 1994, and enjoyed a 10 year stint as Alberta Theatre Projects’ playwright in residence, writing 6 plays for the company in that time, along with others for other theatres across Canada. After leaving ATP, I became a feature columnist for the Calgary Herald for the next five years while at the same time continuing to write plays for other theatres. My plays have been produced around the world in several different languages. Queen Lear, which I wrote in 2009 for Calgary actress Joyce Doolittle on the occasion of her 80th birthday, went on to other productions in other cities, including a two year run in Istanbul and throughout Turkey (in translation). I am currently working on several new projects, including a volume of poetry, “Nocturnal Emissions,” a new play, “Those White Things in the Ocean,” and I’ve just completed a novel, “The Piano Teacher,” which I plan to publish on Blurb in the spring of 2015. I am the writer in residence at Calgary’s St. Mary’s University College and I teach a special communications course for internationally educated professionals, mostly from the world of medicine, at Alberta Business and Educational Services. I live in downtown Calgary, proudly without a car. I’m an avid cyclist and in winter a happy enough rider of public transportation.

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