August 8, 2016


As the Heritage Center building nears completion, excitement is beginning to grow across St. Mary’s campus. The CANA construction team has met challenging deadlines and is currently on target for completion in early September 2016. This is a remarkable feat considering the project broke ground only 4 months prior.

Flat roofs were completed on the Glass Blower’s Studio and the Heritage Center lobby. The air vapour barrier is complete on the exterior walls, and Drywall will begin early the week of August 8, 2016. Valued elements of our historic Water Tower have been incorporated into the design of the Heritage Center, meeting today’s modern design standards while complementing the historic, aesthetic, and social value to St. Mary’s identity. As a part of this design sliding doors will be integrated and will transform the building into a light-filled space, which connects the interior elements to the green landscape and natural beauty of our campus.

At St. Mary’s University we are acutely aware that learning, creativity and research are all supported by the environment in which they occur. The Heritage Center building offers our faculty a unique opportunity to reflect their commitment to excellence and innovation in education through innovative learning and research space design. It is also a rare chance for students and alumni to witness significant campus growth and to engage in this historic St. Mary’s Project through fundraising initiatives, design input, and by attending and participating in the launch and events which will take place in this new academic and creative hub on campus. The new research and learning spaces will reinvigorate our campus and provide new areas in which our students will learn, create, and grow. Your investment has been instrumental to this endeavour. Thank you for your continued support of St. Mary’s and our many initiatives and programs.


We are thrilled to welcome you to join us as our faculty and students commence their 2016 academic year this September in this landmark building. Please check back regularly to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to attend our opening ceremony for the historic Heritage Building.

A series of supervised site visits will be conducted throughout the construction of the Heritage Center. These site visits will give you rare access to the project and information about construction status, and build pedagogy, complexity and functionality. To attend a site visit please email or phone 403.254.3139 to speak to Thérèse Takacs, VP Advancement.