Fast track your career with St. Mary’s new Urban Agro-Ecology Micro Credentials Courses!

A short-term flexible program that trains students in the skills and practices of urban agriculture, focusing on ecologically restorative food production, project planning, and small-scale enterprise development. Complete this course in just 5 months and start the path towards a greener future!

What are micro credentials?

We’re glad you ask! Micro-credentials are short-term, flexible learning programs designed to help you develop the specialized, job-ready skills you need to quickly re-skill or upskill to pivot in your careers or re-enter the workforce.

Urban Agro-Ecology Certificate:

Urban Agro-Ecology micro credential courses train students in the skills and practices of urban agriculture, focusing on ecologically restorative food production, project planning, and small-scale enterprise development.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for entry-level employment in the local urban agriculture industry or non-profit organizations.

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Course Timelines & Cost

  • April 2022 – Intro to Urban Agriculture ($500 + GST)
  • May 2022 – Environment and Urban Crop Management ($500 + GST)
  • June 2022 – Agriculture Production Systems ($500 + GST)
  • July 2022 – Urban Agriculture – Social Enterprises ($500 + GST)
  • August 2022 – Urban Agriculture – Practicum ($500 + GST)


Students in the Urban Agro-Ecology program:

  • Learn the principles of sustainable farming and food systems in the urban environment
  • Plan and design home, school, and community gardens and farms
  • Find out about food production, food access in under-served communities, and the public health implications of food distribution
  • Get hands-on training to work for the following: Small-scale farm enterprises, non-profit organizations
  • relating to food and public health, and food policy organizations


CEAG 900: Intro to Urban Agriculture

April 2022 ($500 + GST)

This course provides an overview of urban agriculture along with urban agroecology so expect to see an emphasis on biodiversity and ecology along with food production systems. Although many of the examples we will look at are international, there is a focus on Alberta and on Calgary in particular. You will learn about the history of urban agriculture and the food systems of Indigenous people in Alberta. You will compare urban and rural agriculture. You will learn about types of urban agriculture, policies and planning for urban agriculture, and how to measure its impacts. And finally, the course will discuss the future of urban agriculture.

CEAG 901: Environment and Urban Crop Management

May 2022 | ($500 + GST)
Prerequisites: Intro to Urban Agriculture

The purpose of this course is to provide practical, “how-to” growing information for ground-based, non-technical urban agriculture, especially in Alberta and particularly in Calgary. The topics that will be covered are growing conditions, sites and spaces for urban agriculture, soil and site preparation, planning and planting, growing and care, waste management, harvesting, and marketing venues. This is a hands-on course so you will design a garden, plant seeds, test soil, cook a vegetable, and visit a farmers’ market, among other activities.

CEAG 902: Agriculture Production Systems

June 2022 | ($500 + GST)
Prerequisites: Intro to Urban Agriculture

There are many different types of growing strategies that producers use in urban agriculture today that are often composed of equal parts engineering and growing technologies. This course takes a close look at these systems as applied to controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and greenhouses. You will learn about types of operations, hydroponics and other production systems, crop selection, lighting, nutrients, climate control, automation, and sustainability.

CEAG 903: Urban Agriculture – Social Enterprises

July 2022 | ($500 + GST)
Prerequisites: Intro to Urban Agriculture 

This course offers students an overview of the business planning process and is equally relevant for small, simple operations as well as for larger, more complex ones since the same basic “thinking” goes into both. The only difference is scale.

CEAG 904: Urban Agriculture – Practicum

August 2022 | ($500 + GST)
Prerequisites: Intro to Urban Agriculture + One of CEAG 901, CEAG 902 or CEAG 903

The goal of the practicum experience is to provide urban agriculture students with volunteer opportunities in urban agriculture-related organizations to develop competencies and practical skills. The student will work with a workplace on-site practicum supervisor in collaboration with the St. Mary’s Practicum Advisor/Instructor. In some cases, depending on the complexity of the practicum, the student may be assigned a mentor.

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