Message from the Vice-Prresident Academic

The term is starting to get real. First assignments are underway and labs started this week. In every class, faculty are adapting their delivery and content and students are learning in new ways. There have been some technical glitches but surprisingly few. We have found that cameras aren’t always picking up the whiteboards well for those classes streaming from classrooms, so some faculty have moved to streaming classes from their offices. A big shout-out to the Faculty for being so flexible and good-humoured – and to all of you for embracing a growth mindset and encouraging each other as we learn together.

Labs are being held under new conditions and with ingenuity. Dr. Vergis (Education) conducted magnetic experiments in Science curriculum classes in M100 and Dr. Lovell (Biology) had students beating bushes to collect invertebrates for study (it looked like they were using kites but these were actually fabric and dowel sheets to collect whatever dropped from the bushes). The bookstore delivered take-home lab kits for Science 201 so students could conduct experiments at home.

As we all track the on-going stories of new COVID cases and wonder what the next months will look like, it is important to focus on the ways in which we are adapting and coping. Reach out for the supports you need. Share smiles and hopeful memes. And practise resiliency. Like any other muscles, resiliency grows stronger with exercise. The rest of today’s Friday message is all about resiliency and hope, with upcoming events and supports designed specifically for you.

You’ve got this!

FYE: First Year Experience – Becoming a Post-Secondary Student

  • Our student ambassadors have been so excited to connect with you! If you missed your first cohort meeting, don’t worry as you’ll have more opportunities to meet up, even with students from other cohorts.
  • We’ll be starting up social media challenges in October! Play to win some great prizes!

Student Services Fair – Learn about Available Resources

Join us on September 29th and September 30th from 3:00- 3:30 PM for a student services fair to learn about the different supports you can take advantage of as we approach midterm season.

For information contact

Indigenous Events

Elder on Campus: Casey Eagle Speaker welcoming all students to the fall semester at StMU and sharing stories of resilience and hope (socially distanced and following COVID protocols)
When: Friday Sept 25, 2020 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Where: H100

Orange Shirt Day – Honouring the Children

Sept 30th with Virtual Coffee and Conversation with Evelyn Good Striker following (See attached poster for details)

For information on Indigenous initiatives, contact

Important Dates

Deadline to pay Fall term tuition and Fees is September 22

New Student Code of Conduct during COVID-19 Policy and Procedure – Keeping you Safe

Keeping everyone on campus and your loved ones safe is our top priority during the COVID pandemic. As an accountability measure, we have passed a new Student Code of Conduct during COVID-19 Policy and Procedure. In the event that any students do not follow the AHS and StMU COVID policies and protocols, we are able to enforce consequences under the new policy. We hope never to need this policy, but thought you would feel safer knowing that we are keeping people accountable! The Policy is attached to this email and will be posted on our webpage under the COVID information.

PS: StMU employees are also accountable for following the same protocols under a different policy.

Piper – a Cool video for you

If you have been feeling buffeted by all the changes and want something to lift you up and make you smile, check out this 6 min, Pixar video.


  • I have a class on campus with a remote class scheduled right next to it. Can I do my remote class from campus?
    • Yes, you can. We have designated study spaces with wifi access. These are available only for students with time conflicts such as you describe.
  • Can I bring food and drink with me if I will be on campus for a few hours with in-person lab and a remote class?
    • Yes, you can eat and drink in the study spaces. We do not have food services on campus right now, so definitely bring what you need. We have centralised garbage, recycling and compost containers for a more sustainable campus. Please drop off your waste and disinfect your study space when you leave.
  • What will final exams look like?
    • I hope you aren’t too focused on these yet. But if you are someone who needs to plan ahead, here are the details. The Registrar’s Office starts planning final examinations after Add/Drop period is over. We are consulting faculty now to see what kind of final they will have in December for your courses. The Examination schedule will be posted in October.