Look, let me be specific, I have been losing roads and tracks and air and rivers and little thoughts and smells and incidents and a sense of myself and fights I used to be passionate about and don’t remember.
– Dionne Brand, Land to Light On

Losing Roads, Finding Roads

The above lines from Dionne Brand’s poem seem to me to capture the lostness that many have been experiencing, the estrangement from what usually animates us and fills our lives with light. Not knowing exactly where this journey with COVID will take us is destabilizing. The firm ground we thought we were standing on is twisting and our path feels less secure.

Despite this lostness, and perhaps also because of it, everyday moments seem distilled, potent. And so we alternate between lostness and intense presence, alive to the scent of autumn fires, the beating wings of geese flying south.

In losing the road we were following, have we the opportunity to inhabit our journey more fully, choosing passionately, consciously, gratefully?

In our moments of pause, of lostness, the company in which we travel becomes ever more important. I can think of no better company than you, the StMU community, for this track that we are tracing – the roads we are losing and finding.

New Campus Access Protocols Oct. 4, 2021

As you know, we are moving into the next phase of our campus access COVID-19 protocols. For all the details, check your StMU email today for an update from Mike Clark, Facilities/Health & Safety. The information will also be posted on our website.

Thank You

On behalf of all the staff and staff working at StMU, I want to thank you for your support, patience, and encouragement as we work through the ongoing details around changing COVID protocols. We have received many messages from you expressing your appreciation for our clear communication, assistance in helping you navigate processes, and for doing all we can to keep you safe while maintaining our commitment to an excellent education.

Not everyone will always agree on how best to respond to the pandemic, and I am deeply appreciative that you understand the university is obliged to follow provincial health orders. Many people are reporting going through waves of emotion and tolerance for the restrictions. What we all share is a desire to keep our loved ones safe and some semblance of normalcy.

Vaccination Verification Program Starts Mon. Oct 4th

Starting Monday – see today’s earlier email from Mike Clark

SA Building Access and Social Gatherings Restricted for Now

For now, until the number of CVOID cases comes down, indoor, non-academic social gatherings and club meetings are cancelled. The SA Building will not be available for general use during this time. As soon as we are able to loosen this restriction according to AHS guidelines, we will let you know.

Spring Travel Study Course to Rome

For an unforgettable trip – plus course credits

For information, contact Peter.Baltutis@stmu.ca

Last weekend’s adventure – appreciating the vary-coloured foliage of a splendid Alberta fall – knowing when to disconnect from the news and work and replenishing my Self. May you all honour where you find yourself, whether lost or present, and care for your needs.

Until next week – Tara