Message from the Vice-President Academic

Yesterday Student Services leaders met for a day-long retreat to review what has gone well this past year and to plan for the upcoming academic year. Despite the uncertainty generated by the lingering pandemic and the toll that has taken on the staff who provide the out of class supports to foster your academic success, the dominant tenor of our retreat was excitement – and gratitude.

Our student services leaders are grateful for:

  • Student gratitude and appreciation
    • Greater degree of connection with students
      • Personal development through learning new ways of doing things
    • Creative ways to engage with students, staff and faculty
  • Being able to rely on each other, the team of people at StMU
    • Working through doubts
  • Admission team walking the journey of reconciliation in the anti-racism workshop
    • Chance to re-imagine how we do things
      • Students becoming more self-reliant
      • Slowing down to think through what we are doing – and why
    • Appreciative feedback we are getting from students
  • Opportunity to hear many reflect on and take their place at the fire of reconciliation work
    • Having each other’s backs
      • Peer mentors reaching out individually to students
      • Thrive program as a resource for students
    • How holistic and cohesive our team is
      • Having tough conversations respectfully
        • How focused we are together
      • Building resilience

During our retreat, we had a brief glimpse into the logistics of hybrid learning, with some of our team in person and some on-line. It wouldn’t be a genuine experience without a few technological challenges, which we solved through collaborative teamwork – and moving around of the camera and people as needed so our online team members could see and hear.

Associate Registrar Kalissa Bliek acknowledging the Land

Dr. Pablo Ortiz, Director Student Affairs facilitating values-based planning

Marsha Kuchelema, Registrar; Maggie Lachica, Team Lead Advising & Recruitment; Kalissa Bliek Associate Registrar – teamwork in action

Keeping connected with Michelle Scott, Director Indigenous Initiatives

Fall 2021/Winter 2022 Timetable Open for Registrar this Coming Week

Keep your eye on the StMU email for the announcement about the opening of the timetable for registration. As no one knows exactly what the fall will look like yet, in terms of COVID restrictions, you will notice that most of the classes are listed as in-person. They will remain in person if restrictions lift. Those listed as D2L will stay on-line even if restrictions lift.

As with fall 2020, we will keep you updated as we receive more information about COVID protocols.

Student Elections

Today saw those students nominated for positions on Student Legislative Council present their platforms at the SLC Candidates Forum. I encourage you to exercise your democratic power and vote on March 29-April 1. You will receive an email through your StMU email that links to the on-line voting.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your learning, for expressing your appreciation to our staff, and for the many ways you are providing hope for the future. Gratitude is contagious!

Until next week,
Be well, and keep safe.

Tara Hyland-Russell
Vice-President Academic