Message from the Vice-President Academic

How many of you have wondered if you belong at university or in your workplace? Most of us have at some point in our schooling and careers, and the feeling is not unusual.
imposter syndrome

Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, fraud syndrome, perceived fraudulence, or impostor experience) describes high-achieving individuals who, despite their objective successes, fail to internalize their accomplishments and have persistent self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a fraud or impostor. (J Gen Intern Med. 2020 Apr; 35(4): 1252–1275. Published online 2019 Dec 17. doi: 10.1007/s11606-019-05364-1)

Regardless of how successful we may appear outwardly, the feeling of success and belonging does not necessarily translate to our self-concept.

When we are really stressed and feeling at or past capacity, as students often do at this point in term when deadlines are looming, imposter syndrome can be an overbearing presence in our lives. It is hard to change how we see ourselves, but it may help to know that if you are feeling like an imposter you are not alone. Some of the people in our lives who seem the most accomplished do not feel that they have earned the positions they hold, despite what objective measures of success they have reached.

Natalie Portman
‘When I got to Harvard just after the release of Star Wars: Episode 1, I feared people would assume I had gotten in just for being famous, and not worthy of the intellectual rigor here.’

Impostor syndrome (IS) refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. While this definition is usually narrowly applied to intelligence and achievement, it has links to perfectionism and the social context.

Daniel Radcliffe
‘I think the most creative people veer between ambition and anxiety, self-doubt and confidence. I definitely can relate to that. We all go through that:
“Am I doing the right thing?” “Is this what I’m meant to be doing?”

Finding the Benefits of Imposter Syndrome

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The SLC Presents: St. Mary’s Got Talent!

The virtual talent show held by the SLC is on Thursday, March 11th at 7pm! Showcase your talent or even just sit back and enjoy the show.

Please email the SLC’s VP Events ( if you are interested in being a contestant and you will be sent more details! Contestants will be asked to send in video submissions, and we will be screen-sharing the talents live through Microsoft Teams on March 11th! Several StMU faculty and staff members will be your judges and will decide who wins the $500 grand prize​ ​and the $50 prize for the runner-up.

The deadline for sending in your video submissions is Monday, March 8th at 11:59pm so please make sure you email Julianna before that date so that you can receive the talent show rules and guidelines for your video!

The event will take place on Microsoft Teams, and a link will be sent out this Tuesday. Hope you can be there for this entertaining evening!

Now that’s Dedication! Siberian Student Climbs Tree for Internet Signal for Remote classes

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Fall/Winter 2021-22 Timetables up for Viewing Now – Register Starting March 31
Take a look on the website (Academics Tab) to see next year’s timetables. How is the time to review your Program Planning Guide, consult with your academic advisor if you have questions, and plan your schedule – so that you are ready to register when registration opens March 31st.

When will we hear about whether fall term will be in person or online?

The StMU COVID Planning Taskforce is meeting next week to discuss this very thing! We are looking at a number of factors, including the vaccine implementation rates and the spread of COVID cases. We are considering all options and will provide you with detailed updates. We will publish our decision by the end of April. Stay tuned in this space!

It will be another warm and sunny weekend. Please enjoy the sunshine and soak up that vitamin D!

Keep mindful to wear a mask when around others and keep sanitizing your hands and following the other COVID protocols.

We want you to stay well.

Until next Friday!

Tara Hyland-Russell
Vice-President Academic