Hello everybody,

This is my turn to share with you some information on behalf of Dr. Hyland-Russell and, at the same time, to honour your strength and determination to succeed.

The first week of the spring term has proven to be challenging again. Our resilience has developed like never before, yet it has been put to test once more. We all have adapted to the “not-so-new normal” learning and work environment, we have struggled with the lack of face-to-face connection, we have endured isolation, along with the rough times that the pandemic has brought with its third wave. Once more, we are fully immersed in the online environment after last week’s directives and protocols were announced by our government. One thing is certain and worth reflecting upon: we all have been and inherently are on this journey together.

Business strategist and time management expert, Carina Lawson, has pointed out that “reflecting” on the challenges of the last year “enables us to acknowledge and honour what we’ve been through, what we’ve learned” and how we can take those lessons into new phases, new times, new spaces. Lawson explains that reflecting on the tough times—referring to COVID of course, “gives you an opportunity to pause, untangle your thoughts and hold space for yourself. By acknowledging the events of the year, both on a personal and global scale, we can reflect on what it meant to us, the impact and what we need to do going forward to respect it.” Lawson’s words resonate deeply, particularly in the last few days.

You all deserve the time for reflection and the time to evaluate how resilient and determined to succeed you all are. For St. Mary’s educators and leaders, the answer to the question of how strong and adaptable our students are is clear and unanimous: you all have proven to possess extremely resilient souls and spirits. You all have shown us that your determination to succeed—whatever success looks like and means for you all, is non-negotiable, and that, itself, is a privilege to all of us who are witnesses of your purposeful and decisive journey.

Stay strong!

Important information items:


St. Mary’s University will be delivering a pre-recorded Virtual Convocation Ceremony to our community on Friday, June 11th at 6pm (including an especial event honouring our Indigenous graduands). More information will be provided to you in the coming weeks. We will also be delivering Grad Boxes to all of our graduands. This process will be reviewed and approved by Alberta Health Services to safeguard the safety of all individuals involved, while ensuring that our students receive some meaningful items that celebrate their achievement and illustrate how proud we are you.

Spring/Summer 2021 Courses

As you all know, for the next couple weeks, all Spring/Summer 2021 courses will be delivered online.

Add/Drop Deadline and Tuition Fees

For all 7-week or 15-week courses starting the week of May 10th, the add/drop deadline is May 17th, 2021, and tuition fees are due in full by May 21st, 2021.

The only courses that are exceptions are MGST 331 and our August Block week courses: PSYC 407, INST 301, and MGST 303. For these courses, please see the deadlines below:

MGST 331 Saturdays only May 15 – June 12
Last day to drop: May 22
Deadline to pay fees: May 22

PSYC 407 August 9 – 13
Last day to drop: August 10
Deadline to pay fees: August 10

INST 301 August 16 – 20
Last day to drop: August 17
Deadline to pay fees: August 17

MGST 303 August 23 – 27
Last day to drop: August 24
Deadline to pay fees: August 24

For Spring/Summer 2021 payment options, please visit the payment options webpage on the St. Mary’s website. Please follow the instructions for reading an accurate owing balance prior to making a payment. Note that all approved student aid will be disbursed directly to the student. It is your responsibility to make your tuition payment using one of the approved methods for Spring/Summer 2021 by your tuition deadline.


The awards application for 2021-2022 is now available

  1. Students who attended St. Mary’s University full time in 2020-2021 and are continuing their studies full time in 2021-2022 at St. Mary’s University, complete the Continuing Student application (2021-2022 Continuing Student Scholarships and Bursaries Application – Fillable.pdf).
  2. Education Students:
    1. If you will be graduating from St. Mary’s University in 2021 and are entering 1st year of the Bachelor of Education program in Fall 2021, complete the Bachelor of Education application (2021-2022 BEd Scholarships and Bursaries Application – Fillable.pdf)
    2. BEd students who completed their 1st year in 2020-2021 and are continuing in their 2nd year of the program in 2021-2022, complete the Bachelor of Education application (2021-2022 BEd Scholarships and Bursaries Application – Fillable.pdf)

Important note: Some scholarships and bursaries require reference letters – get started on your application sooner rather than later! Late applications will not be accepted.

The deadline to submit the application is MAY 31, 2021, and due to COVID-19, your application can only be submitted electronically to awards@stmu.ca.

Library Services

In keeping with all health and safety protocols established by Alberta Health Services, the St. Mary’s University Library will remain closed for now. Curbside pick-up will remain open for all students who require resources and online resources will continue to be available for students during this time.


In keeping with Alberta Health Services guidelines and recommendations, the St. Mary’s University Bookstore is open to in-person shoppers with a limited capacity of 3 customers. Online purchases and curbside pickups are also available.

Two new course offerings open for registration:

IDST 303-Anti-Racism: Interrogating Systemic Power & Privilege

During this pivotal time of ‘Racial Reckoning’, join this critical conversation with this NEW course offering in the Winter of 2022.

  1. What is systemic racism?
  2. How did we get here?
  3. What is your role and responsibility in this conversation?

This course examines the historical, economic and political processes and practices of racialization, and the ways in which these processes and their effects become entrenched in our social and educational institutions in the Settler-Canadian colonial context.

Theories and practices of integrative anti-racist and anti-oppressive education are explored through a critical social justice theoretical lens.

ENGL 329-Indigenous Literature: A study of Indigenous writing and cultural expression in North America

This NEW English course at StMU is an exciting opportunity to learn about and discuss Indigenous literature in North America.

  1. What is the relationship between oral and written traditions?
  2. What kinds of stories are being told?
  3. Who is telling them?

We will explore the literary, historical, and geographical contexts of selected works as we examine articulations of Indigenous identity, politics, and traditions through multiple genres, such as short and long fiction, poetry, drama, and essay.
*Prerequisites: ENGL 200A and ENGL 200B

Student Job Opportunities

Check out job postings on the StMU web at https://stmu.ca/about/career-opportunities/. We keep updating as we receive more postings for jobs for current students and alumni across our programs.

As well, we have received Canada Summer Jobs Grant funding and are looking for a Student Affairs Summer Student: https://stmu.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Student-Affairs-Student-Assistant.pdf

Students are encouraged to keep accessing their StMU email for on-going instructions and communications. If a student does not have regular access to a computer or mobile device, they are encouraged to contact Dr. Hyland-Russell at tara.hyland-russell@stmu.ca or Dr. Pablo Ortiz at pablo.ortiz@stmu.ca.

Remember that the enforced restrictions will be in place at St. Mary’s until Tuesday, May 25th at which point the situation will be re-evaluated based on current restrictions and guidelines as per Alberta Health Services.

Remember to give yourselves some time to enjoy the beautiful warms days ahead as you settle into the term. Be well and keep wearing your masks!


Dr. Pablo Ortiz
Director, Student Affairs | St. Mary’s University