Student Emergency Bursary Fund

Student Emergency Bursary Fund

Just as your family and community have felt the changes and uncertainties during this unprecedented time, St. Mary’s has made challenging decisions in the past two weeks in response to COVID-19. These decisions have had a widespread effect on our lives and especially on the lives of our students. We moved all classes to online instruction and continue to implement measures to keep the wellbeing of our community as a top priority. We also realize the impact these profoundly challenging times have had on our students, both financially and emotionally.

Many of our students had unexpected travel costs, limited opportunities to work and earn funds for daily living costs, and/or decreased funding available for basic resources.

The future is starting to hold many uncertainties and we anticipate the need for financial aid to be higher this year than in previous years.

Our immediate focus is helping our students. One way to do that is to give to the Student Emergency Bursary Fund. This fund is a financial lifeline for students in crisis and is particularly impactful now as students’ lives are disrupted and we seek to support them in every possible way.

Please consider making a donation to support our students’ needs so they will not have to sacrifice their academic studies. Your gift will give hope and relief to students and help them navigate this situation.

In addition to financial support to the emergency fund, community members can consider supporting The Food Cupboard Program, a Campus Ministry-run food pantry. We expect an increase in demand on these items given the need for students to prepare for weeks without work or the need to self-quarantine.

Thank you for considering this special request and for your continued support of St. Mary’s.

If a student encounters financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19, they should contact Student Aid at who will provide or direct them to all appropriate resources. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.