2020 St. Mary’s University Honourary Fellow recipient Linda Olsen shares a message of thanks for this recent award and a message of hope and congratulations for the St. Mary’s Class of 2020.

Honourary Fellows are a small and select group of individuals who have been honoured for their conspicuous contribution to the formation of the university through dedicated work for the institution, and in recognition of their significant and transformational contribution of personal time and effort for the benefit of others. All of this describes this year’s recipient, Ms. Linda Olsen.

Ms. Olsen has served as one of the most vocal champions for St. Mary’s University and has utilized her position as a trusted media personality with Global Calgary to help promote and celebrate many of the amazing initiatives undertaken by our institution. This collaboration has been paramount in helping to nurture and further build relationships between St. Mary’s and the community of Calgary.

The proud parent of a St. Mary’s alumna, Ms. Olsen has been instrumental in increasing St. Mary’s exposure within the City of Calgary, and has been a fundamental contributor to the growth of St. Mary’s external profile.

As an incredible advocate, partner, supporter and champion for St. Mary’s University who continually demonstrates her passion for St. Mary’s and her commitment to educational excellence, we are so very proud to celebrate Ms. Linda Olsen as the 2020 St. Mary’s University Honourary Fellow.