Thursday, October 22, 2015 – Calgary’s Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, met with students from St. Mary’s University’s Humanities 101 program during as part of their educational excursion to the Grant MacEwan Library at Old City Hall.
Humanities-101-Class-with-Mayor-Nenshi-Oct-22-2015-smaller-300x192Nenshi, who recently celebrated his fifth anniversary as Mayor, met with the Humanities 101 students answering questions and discussing the importance of education, infrastructure, and affordable housing for the City of Calgary.

The Humanities 101 students were attentive to Nenshi ‘s messages as he shared the importance of capital projects, like the expansion of the Calgary Transit LRT lines in the Southeast, and how these infrastructure projects can help communities grow and prosper.

Another topic of great interest to the students was the issue of affordable housing and how vital it is to make affordable housing an easily accessible resource for Calgary’s low-income individuals and families. Affordable housing was just one of the topics Nenshi focused on in discussing the ways Calgarians can address the problem of homelessness.

The Humanities 101 program, which offers free humanities courses to low-income adults who have experienced barriers to learning, is one way that St. Mary’s University is impacting the greater community – a feat that Nenshi acknowledged and commended. He said that programs like Humanities are a means to create an inclusive community where everyone has a role to play in strengthening others.

Nenshi  left the students with a closing thought that the Humanities 101 students have the opportunity to take what they have learned in the program,  and work with fellow Calgarians to help make Calgary a better place to live, grow and work.


Learn more about the Humanities 101 program, Follow this link