Humanities 101

Humanities 101 is a strength-based educational program designed to help low-income Calgarians address barriers getting in the way of exercising their capacities and skills. We learn about the stories that connect us to others and the world around us through studies in Literature, History, Music, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, and Art History.

Participants in Humanities 101’s challenging, but supported, university-level courses learn how to increase their capacity to engage in life and society, while deepening their skills of learning, communicating, and analysis. We meet two days a week for four months and study a variety of texts and ideas. Teachers and volunteers are co-learners in the classroom and are passionate about learning and create a welcoming space where adults with a diverse range of life and educational experiences challenge themselves and find a passion and excitement for learning. The program includes: tuition, books, nutritious hot lunches before class, transit tickets, assistance with childcare costs as required, individual tutoring, and cultural experiences. For further information, email hum101@stmu.ca.

Courses Offered in Humanities 101

None of the Humanities 101 courses may be used to satisfy St. Mary’s University degree requirements

An introduction to literature representing a range of authors, periods, cultures, and genres. Students explore a variety of themes found in literature and develop critical reading thinking and writing skills.
The stories in this course have been inspired by three elements – powerful places, powerful memories, and diverse cultural experiences. Join us as we explore the works of authors from Western Canada, the Southern United States, the streets of New York, and China.
This course examines a series of themes in the history of the Prairie West. European contact and settlement transformed the region during the last century and a half. The course explores the complexities of the West touching on such issues as Native-European contact, the activities of the Hudson Bay Company and other trading companies, the role of Louis Riel and his associates, changing gender relations, the impact of industrialization and urbanization, and the role of oil and gas in the post-war era.
Humanities 103 introduces students to the study of literature, art history, and philosophy. The course focuses on story and meaning from the perspectives of these disciplines, which complement each other as they reflect on the human enterprise of defining life by telling stories, creating art, and searching for meaning. Students, therefore, will read literature, art history, and philosophy not only to understand how meaning resides within these texts but also to grapple with the ways in which people find significant, sustaining, and personal meaning within these disciplines. A significant portion of the course will be devoted to the development of skills in critical reading and thinking, listening, verbal expression, and writing.
Humanities 105 introduces students to the field of cultural studies through comparative literature, history, and music. The course highlights the interplay of culture and identity and the perspectives that contribute to various interpretations of history, music, and literary form. The course explores the value of both oral and written traditions through contemporary and historical samples of local, national, and international stories, songs, and music. Through different cultural perspectives, students will be encouraged to develop an appreciation for difference and an ability to reflect critically on narrative perspectives as well as their own constructions of meaning. A significant portion of the course will be devoted to the development of skills in critical reading and thinking, listening, verbal expression, and writing.
An exploration of key philosophical ideas such as love, justice, immorality, and a primary cause as identified and discussed in the context of the Platonic dialogues and their historical, dramatic, and poetic background.
  • Excellence Award Humanities 101

Excellence Award from DDRC

Another Accolade for St. Mary’s University’s Humanities 101 Program Innovative program wins Excellence Award at DDRC Inclusion Awards St. Mary’s University’s groundbreaking Humanities 101 program secured another accolade after winning the Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre [...]

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  • Humanities 101 Celebration of Learning Alumni

Humanities in Action

Education and learning can pave a road to personal growth and a brighter future, by opening doors that lead to new opportunities. But what happens when those doors are found sealed and locked? What happens [...]

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  • Humanities 101 Celebration of Learning Alumni

Shining Lights burn bright at Humanities 101 Celebration of Learning

On Wednesday night St. Mary’s University held one of the most moving and rewarding celebrations of the entire year as 16 members of the Humanities 101 Class of 2017 walked the stage to receive their [...]

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