The Story of the St. Mary’s Indigenous logo

St. Mary's Indigenous Services logo

St Mary’s University recognizes, respects and celebrates the unique history and cultures of all of the First Nations, Métis & Inuit people. We appreciate that the land on which the university sits is traditional Blackfoot territory. We strive to support all Indigenous students through community partnerships, celebrations of rich heritage and cultural practices, & provision of an inclusive learning environment.

Kristy North Peigan

Kristy North Peigan is a young artist from the Piikani First Nation. She is a graduate from ACAD. Kristy spent her first few years on her nation, but has spent most of her life living in Calgary being raised by her strong, single mother. Through all of her challenges, she has always had art to express & explore her identity. She hopes to continue professionally & develop into an artist that will inspire many more youth to pursue their dreams.

Kristy North Peigan

The Indigenous logo Kristy North Peigan created for St. Mary’s University is based on the native concept of a Winter Count; the stretched buffalo hide with pictographic telling of historical events. This logo is the story of St. Mary’s and the partnership it is crafting with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples.

• Buffalo hide is referencing the hide that is being gifted to StMU
• Deer & Buffalo are pulled from StMU’s Coat of Arms as well as the game that sustained life for the Blackfoot people
• Triangular shape is symbolic of tipis & the establishment of a camp for the Treaty 7 peoples
• The green triangles represent the mountain landscape to the west as seen on the Coat of Arms & also is symbolic of a painted tipi to show what regional area the owner is from
• The Métis symbol (infinity) & the polar bear paw print represent the welcoming of Métis & Inuit students & cultural knowledge for St. Mary’s.
• Red & white circles are beading accents and decorative element
• The feathers are culturally sacred and the five feathers represent the five nations of Treaty 7