It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that St. Mary’s University would like to acknowledge the generous investment of the Jarislowsky Fraser Partners Foundation in the landmark St. Mary’s Humanities 101 program.

The generous support and commitment shown by the Jarislowsky Fraser Partners Foundation has already had a profound difference to our Humanities 101 students, helping to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with tuition and registration, as well as child care, transportation, and program materials.

The Humanities 101 program brings free, university level courses to people who have experienced barriers such as poverty, abuse, addition, homelessness, and interruptions to their education.

“One of Jarislowsky Fraser Partners Foundation’s mission is to promote human rights and sustainable development through education,” said Pierre Lapointe, President of Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited. “We strongly believe that supporting St. Mary’s Humanities 101 program helps us fulfill this mission, in providing the opportunity for post-secondary education to those who want to reach their full potential but may not have the means.”

“We are extremely proud to be part of the program’s community of supporters and to contribute to the realization of the participants’ future success.”

St. Mary’s University works with countless community organizations and social service agencies to nurture passion and provide a healthy and supportive environment where students can experience the excitement and benefits of a post-secondary education.

The Humanities 101 program helps to spark learners’ interest in further education, and has proven to be a successful tool in helping marginalized people pursue their educational dreams.