What services are offered by The Learning Centre? 

The Learning Centre offers a number of different services including individual consultations, seminars to address common writing and learning concerns, and opportunities to get feedback and suggestions on your assignments. 

Is there a cost for The Learning Centre services? 

All services offered through The Learning Centre are FREE for St. Mary’s students! 

What if I still have questions? 

Feel free to contact us at learningcentre@stmu.ca if you have any questions throughout your time here at St. Mary’s. Making the transition to a new school can be tough, and we are here to make it as seamless as possible. 

Academic accommodations are educational practises, systems and support mechanisms designed to accommodate persons with disabilities, and are an alteration in the usual way students perform academic tasks. For example, writing examinations in a course would typically be a course requirement; however, writing the answers to essay examinations by hand would typically not be essential. Therefore, a student who has difficulty writing by hand because of a disability may be permitted the use of a computer to complete the examinations. In this case, the use of a computer would be the accommodation.

I have a physical/learning disability. What documentation do I need to receive accommodations?

St. Mary’s students seeking disability and/or medically-related accommodations and services and/or funding for assistive services and technology are required to provide documentation from a qualified professional such as a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, audiologist, ophthalmologist, or other licensed specialist. The documentation should be current (usually no more than 3 years must have elapsed between the time of assessment and the date of initial request for documentation), and the documentation should:

Clearly outline the impact the disability or condition has on the student in an academic setting and;

Identify or recommend specific accommodations and supports that would reduce the barriers encountered in an academic setting.

The accommodations coordinator will use this documentation as well as interviews with the student to determine appropriate disability-related accommodations and supports. Some conditions are subject to change (e.g., relapses, remissions). Therefore, to ensure the identification of impacts and functional limitations can be properly addressed, updated medical documentation may be requested, periodically, throughout the duration of the program.

A diagnosis of a disability, medical condition, or disorder alone is not sufficient to be eligible for accommodations and supports.

The learning environment must be sufficiently inaccessible or barred such that the student’s ability to perform tasks required to achieve his or her educational goals to his or her potential is negatively impacted.

When should I meet to discuss my academic accommodations?

New students are encouraged to contact the Accommodations Coordinator in Spring/Early Summer to discuss their disability, and to ensure that they have the necessary documentation. This timeframe also gives the student time to apply for the Student Aid Alberta Student with Disabilities Grants should they wish to secure Student Loan funding. The Accommodations Coordinator can assist with the following: determine eligibility for accommodations, facilitate appropriate accommodations, provide adaptive technology supports and training, arrange for assistive services, facilitate accommodated exams, and provide information about funding for students with disabilities.

Who do I need to disclose my disability to?

Students seeking accommodations must self-identify to the Accommodations Coordinator, who keeps detailed documentation of each student’s disability on file. Students may inform their instructors of their accommodations if they choose to; however, they are not required to disclose this information, nor the nature of their disability.

Additional Resources

Calgary Learning Centre
Scholarships and Grants for Students with Disabilities

St. Mary’s University offers exam proctoring services to students needing to write exams from outside institutions. Listed below are some FAQs when it comes to booking an invigilated exam.

Does St. Mary’s offer proctoring services? Is there a charge for these services?

Yes. St. Mary’s provides a testing centre, and the charge to write an exam is $50/hour. The student will be charged for the total duration of time as indicated on the exam, not the time the student takes to finish it. Please bring a completed Exam Invigilation Form with you and make payment at the administration building prior to the exam. A copy of this form is available at the following link: Exam Invigilation Form

What hours are available for me to write my proctored exam?

Typically the Learning Centre is open Monday – Friday 8:30 am-4 pm for exam invigilation services. In certain circumstances, these hours can be flexible.

Once an exam proctor from St. Mary’s has agreed to proctor my exam what should I do?

Once you have secured an exam proctor, you should consult your home institution to arrange to have a copy of the exam sent to St. Mary’s. It is your responsibility to ensure that you leave enough time for the exam to reach St. Mary’s before your scheduled writing time.

What if the exam I am writing is online? Can I still do an online exam at St. Mary’s?

St. Mary’s testing facility offers two computers with internet access in order to facilitate online exams. Please note that St. Mary’s does not invigilate outside exams that require the additional installations of plug-ins or software. Be sure to check with your home institution to make sure that these add-ons are not needed for your exam.

For additional questions, or to book an exam, please contact:

Centre for Learning, Access and Student Success
(403) 254-3137 or class@stmu.ca
St. Mary’s University
14500 Bannister Road SE, Calgary AB, T2X 1Z4

Student Need Who to Contact
Campus Security Security Office Phone: (403) 671-help(4357)
Challenges with course content (understanding concepts, practicing questions, completing assignments) Peer Tutor Program https://stmu.ca/learningcentre/wc-pm/
Challenges with time management, breaking down assignment tasks, procrastination, attendance, scheduling. Academic Access Coordinator Phone: 403-254-3704 Learningcentre@stmu.ca
How to access note taking, academic strategist, assistive technology? Academic Access Coordinator Phone: 403-254-3704 access@stmu.ca https://stmu.ca/access-services/
Information regarding course selection. Add/drop/change classes. Plan your degree. Academic Advising advising@stmu.ca
Support for academic difficulties: failing courses, difficulties with course content, course selection, major, degree. Academic Advising advising@stmu.ca
Support with withdrawals and program decisions. Academic Advising advising@stmu.ca
Support when it is past the withdrawal deadline. Academic Advising advising@stmu.ca
Disability grant funding information and grant application assistance Academic Access Coordinator Phone: 403-254-3704 access@stmu.ca
Academic Accommodations Academic Access Coordinator Phone: 403-254-3704 access@stmu.ca https://stmu.ca/access-services/
Exam accommodations Academic Access Coordinator Phone: 403-254-3704 Learningcentre@stmu.ca https://stmu.ca/access-services/
Securing disability documentation. What documentation is required to access grants, accommodations? How to obtain documentation? https://stmu.ca/access-services/
Participating in student council/clubs? Student Legislative Council
Spiritual guidance? Campus Ministry phone: (403) 254-7930
Student in distress Counselling Services https://stmu.janeapp.com/ https://stmu.ca/counselling-services/
Students under stress, exam anxiety, family and/or relationship difficulties https://stmu.janeapp.com/
What awards might be available to me? How to apply for scholarships or bursaries? awards@stmu.ca
How to access funding for goods and services, federal and provincial student grants? Financial Aid financial.aid@stmu.ca