At St. Mary’s, we are proud to have some of the best student-athletes from across the country and the world competing for us as Lightning Athletes! Our athletes strive for excellence in their sport and are a source of inspiration, excitement, and pride at St. Mary’s. This month, we are sharing a new profile focused on our Women’s Basketball Team Guard, Maitlynn Wilde.

Currently in her first year of our esteemed Bachelor of Education program, Maitlynn hopes to one day become a teacher and help to shape the future of education. Wrapping up her first of four classroom practicum placements, Maitlynn has been gaining valuable, hands-on experience working with teachers and students in her assigned classroom at a local elementary school.

These practicum placements at St. Mary’s are unique as they offer more time in the classroom than any other BEd program in Alberta. This allows our students to craft their teaching skills and apply the concepts and knowledge that they learn in their coursework to a real world environment.

Outside of the benefits of our Bachelor of Education program, one of Maitlynn’s favorite parts of going to StMU is the close community fostered here and the welcoming environment offered by our historic campus. She enjoys the small class sizes because it gives her a better opportunity to get to know other students and faculty members. “It’s nice to know a lot of faces around campus and have the ability to get to know professors more personally,” says Maitlynn.

Maitlynn on the court.

Now as a key member of the StMU Women’s Basketball Team, Maitlynn is putting her skills she’s been developing her whole life to work on the court for the Lightning.  Growing up, her father was a high school basketball coach, and she was “practically raised in a gym” watching and playing the sport.

From a large family, Maitlynn and her siblings grew up being active and involved with local and school basketball teams in Lethbridge, something she is thankful for now as basketball has continued to play a huge role in her life.

“I’m so grateful that my parents gave us all the time, support and opportunities to play basketball so much as we were growing up,” says Maitlynn. “I was always 100% supported by my family and husband in my goals and passion for the sport.”

Maitlynn describes herself as someone who’s always been pretty competitive, “on the court I do everything I can to help my team win,” she says. This competitive drive has been an asset to the Lightning, and is recognized by her coaches and teammates.

“Maitlynn has been an integral part of our semester one success. There is nobody on the court, teammates or opponents, that outwork Maitlynn. She holds herself, teammates, and coaches to a high standard. Her energy and dedication spreads throughout the team and makes us all better,” says Women’s Basketball Coach Steve Shoults.

Her favorite part about being a Lightning Athlete is the team and the friendships she’s built. “We spend almost every day together making some great memories; I love my team so much,” Maitlynn says.

Maitlynn wants anyone interested in basketball to come out and support St. Mary’s lightning! “We have a very fun second semester schedule with a lot of local games and more community support would be awesome and mean so much to our team,” she adds. View the Women’s Lightning Basketball Game Schedule here.

Go Lightning!

Maitlynn with members of our Women’s Basketball Team.