Congratulations to St. Mary’s graduates tying the knot

Ram Boyer and Camille Sehn are pictured in the Students Association Building where Ram popped the question in 2015. This is the first time two former SLC Presidents have wed, and St. Mary’s couldn’t be happier!

Ram Boyer and Camille Sehn are pictured in the Students Association Building where Ram popped the question in 2015. This is the first time two former SLC Presidents have wed, and St. Mary’s couldn’t be happier!

Love is in the air for former St. Mary’s University student presidents Ram Boyer and Camille Sehn who are set to be married later this month. Attending St. Mary’s turned out to be the start of an amazing love story for the couple who met after both serving as members of the St. Mary’s Student Legislative Council.

“I really enjoyed being part of the SLC at St. Mary’s. It was a great way to meet other students and to feel like I was making an impact on the student community,” said Camille. “I learned so much about working with others, project management, time management, and about my own strengths and weaknesses.”

Ram and Camille were both interested in becoming involved with extracurricular campus activities including volunteering, serving on the SLC, where both of them had the opportunity to serve as president, as well as playing recreational soccer. Participating regularly in a variety of campus experiences not only allowed them to grow a strong relationship, it also lead to a proposal on the St. Mary’s campus!

Ram proposed to me at the St. Mary’s Black and White Ball in 2015. The event was where we had our first date three years prior, so it was very neat that he decided to propose there. I went with him to the Students Association Building shortly before the Ball began and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him – and I said ‘yes!’

Following graduation in 2013, Camille who was the Class Valedictorian, carried on to law school at the University of Calgary and is currently an articling student with McGurk Fraese Family Lawyers, which practices exclusively in family law. Camille enjoys the aspects of supporting families and is looking forward to finishing this year as an articling student and becoming a practicing lawyer.

“I deal with divorces, parenting, child support, property division, and adoptions. I feel really fortunate to have found such a great place to work, and I have learned so much already during my articling year.”

Ram has been busy since completing his General Studies Degree in 2016 operating his own business, Immaculate Exteriors.

“When I started at St. Mary’s, I worked for a door-to-door sales company that provided exterior property maintenance,” Ram explains. “In my third year of university, I decided to reach for the stars, rent the necessary equipment on my own, and start my own company, Immaculate Exteriors.”

Ram said he was a bit nervous to take the leap of starting his own business, but had a large support system in place with his family and friends.

“I eventually saved up some money to buy my own equipment and I was soon driving to campus in my own work truck!”

What started as a one-man show, has now blossomed into a fully functional business with four employees who help serve over 700 customers annually. Ram is looking forward to continuing to grow his business in the coming years.

The two will officially tie the knot Saturday, March 25 with a traditional Hindu ceremony. They are excited to celebrate with 175 guests, some of which will be St. Mary’s professors who feel honoured to be there with the couple to celebrate their love.

“I am ecstatic to be marrying my best friend and I am forever grateful that St. Mary’s brought us together,” Ram said. “Our first moments spent together will be cherished by us as we begin our married lives with one another. I am very humbled to get the opportunity to spend a great day with our family and friends and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my soon to be wife, Camille.”
Camille added, “It’s going to be such a fun event with so many family and friends. We have family who have flown in from several different countries to celebrate with us,” she adds. “Our reception is going to be a great big party with fantastic music, entertainment, and a delicious Indian buffet.”