The votes have been counted and your new Student Legislative Council (SLC) members have been elected! These students form the elected representative group of the St. Mary’s Student Association and as the SLC are in charge of engaging students in fun and informative ways throughout the academic year.

“The SLC plays a vital role in the student experience and success, not only for the advocacy they engage in terms of representation and processes related to student fees, health and wellness, but also they provide the opportunity for all students to participate and actively engage in the social aspect of the StMU experience,” says Dr. Pablo Ortiz, Director of Student Affairs at St. Mary’s University.

With the election now finalized, get to know your SLC members for the 2022 – 2023 academic year!

President: Laura Fraser

“I ran for the StMU SLC Presidency because I desired to improve student life. I’ve been at StMU my entire University career, and while a year of that may have been online, it did not diminish my love of the community here. Because of the small campus size, I have friends in every degree here. However, I noticed a disconnect between the majors and the entire student body. So, I put my name forward for the StMU SLC presidency, intending to bring the student body closer as students and as a community. During my term as SLC President, I hope to spark a greater interest in campus life by bringing initiatives to campus that not only entertain the populace but ensure the communal mental and physical wellbeing of the student body. As President, I also plan to work with the community and the University to become closer to the surrounding communities and the City of Calgary as a whole.”

As President, Laura is the chief elected official of the SLC who is at the head of the organization, making sure that the SLC runs smoothly and efficiently. As a representative of the SLC and St. Mary’s student population, Laura sits on St. Mary’s Board of Governors. Laura also works closely with the Vice Presidents and Student Reps of the SLC to encourage great relationships between the SLC and the student body at St. Mary’s. The President of the SLC serves on the University’s Board of Governors and two representatives sit on the University’s Academic Council.


Vice President Internal: Jenesis Santos

“I am honored to be the VP Internal of 2022/2023 as I wanted to form greater connections between the students of StMU. I figured being in this position would allow me to better listen to the students’ needs in terms of wanting to be heard and respected. I also wanted to provide memorable experiences for them. Such as, properly advertising more clubs and communities for as many students to be in as possible.”

As VP Internal, Jenesis is responsible for communications between St. Mary’s Students, Faculty, Staff, and SLC. Additional duties include chairing the Communications Committee, sitting on the St. Mary’s University Academic Council, keeping the agendas and minutes for the SLC, and managing the Student Association Buildings, Clubs, and forums.


Vice President External: Christian Myers

Hello, my name is Christian, and this is my second term as the Vice President External for STMU SLC and I’m gracious and happy to have been given the opportunity to hold this position not once but twice. I ran for External because I have loved this school and the connections to the community that come with it for as long as I’ve been here, and I wanted to continue to build those connections and give students more access to external events and community opportunities. I’m excited for a new year with new opportunities and hope I can help build a stronger community on and off campus.

As VP External, Christian is responsible for the external communications between St. Mary’s, SLC, and the greater community be it Calgary, Alberta, or Canada. As well as developing an active St. Mary’s student voice in the community while working to create clear, interactive, and effective communications on and off campus.


Vice President Finance: Annabella Wills

Hi my name is Annabella, I ran for VP Finance because I would love to have more experience in fiscal budgeting and funding. I hope to give back to the students and supply them with great events and fun resources to make the university feel like more than just a place for education!

As the VP Finance, Annabella is responsible for the budget and capital of the SLC. With the help of the other VPs, Annabella budgets for all of the events, club funding, and activities for the year. Annabella is also responsible for presenting the budget to the student body, staff, and faculty in order to maintain good standing with the St. Mary’s students and staff.


Vice President Events: Gio Dagopioso

My name is Gio and I am once again the VP Events. I ran for this position again as I felt like there were a lot of missed opportunities last year as times were uncertain. I had many plans in mind, but I could not accomplish all of them due to the unexpectedness of the school year. This year I’m planning to finally have a complete year without distractions and hopefully give the best experiences to my fellow students. My goal is to plan more events that cater towards the different interests of students on campus. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and I hope my fellow students will support me in my events. Thank you!

As the VP Events, Gio is responsible for organizing and executing new and reoccurring events for students, staff, faculty, and community members. Working with the VP Internal and VP Finance to create a budget and advertising schedule, the VP Events is a cooperative position. The Events Committee is also chaired by the VP Events.