The St. Mary’s University campus community is thrilled to announce the unveiling of a new piece of original artwork in our Oratory, donated by long-time supporter and treasured friend of StMU, Marge Owerko.

From left to right: Cecile Albi, Marge Owerko, Dr. Gerry Turcotte.

Local painter Cecile Albi was commissioned by Marge to paint our Holy Mother, St. Mary, as a gift to help mark the eleven years of dedicated service provided by our former President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Gerry Turcotte. The painting took over a month to complete in Cecile’s studio, and serves to represent the spirit of St. Mary’s University and the treasured memories our campus has provided Dr. Turcotte with over the years.

“I am very humbled that this beautiful painting by the amazingly talented Cecile Albi was gifted to St. Mary’s in my honour. I want to thank Marge Owerko for commissioning this painting that now hangs in the St. Mary’s Oratory. The Owerko family have been such tremendous supporters and friends of St. Mary’s during my tenure as President,” said Dr. Turcotte.

In this stunning piece of original artwork, Mary is painted with a serene expression to depict her as being always loving and forgiving, and Baby Jesus is painted holding a ball that signifies the world – a representation of the global impact he has had as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Cecile goes on to explain that she chose to paint Baby Jesus as being barefoot, in order to represent his ongoing humility.

“The colours I used in this painting meant a lot to me, as they were intended to showcase the beauty, encouragement and sense of peace that I want viewers to feel in the presence of this painting,” explained Cecile. “I hope that this piece of art will bring a deep sense of peace and object of reflection for the campus Oratory.”

Cecile Albi’s works of art peak a full range of emotions and thoughts, from the serene to the awe inspiring, stimulating curiosity for the mind and the spirit. Learn more about her work here.

This original piece of artwork took over a month to complete.