Medicine Garden

On Saturday, our students with Dr.Mary Ann McLean reunited to talk about what to do with the area in the garden’s center. Our students suggested that it would be interesting to include non-native medicinal plants that were introduced into Canada.

To include non-native medicinal plants in the garden, some plants already in the diamond shape area had to be removed and placed around the school. You can see lilies, heuchera, echinacea and sage in front of the admin building, Lefort and outside the library.

They were excited because they obtained more plants for the garden from ALCLA Native Plant Nursery. These included wild mint, twining honeysuckle, winterfat, an important winter fodder for animals & stinging nettle, which Perla said didn’t sting as much as she thought. Finally, they finished their day by planting the new plants in the garden beds and watering the plants.

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