Having the opportunity to go to the Religious Moral Education Conference was such a blessing. I am so grateful to the Religious Education Network for selecting me as a scholarship candidate.  This conference opened my eyes to so much going on within myself. We had the privilege to listen to the testimonies of Ken Yasinski, and André Regnier’s faith journey.

Something that really stuck with me is how important decisions are. Faith in its self is a decision. It is not the encounter or experience you go through that makes you who you are, rather it is the decisions you make based on them. I left the conference in wonderment, not 100% sure what to take from my experience, but as the week has continued I know God loves us with all he has, so we must return that love to the fullest. It is my decision to accept my faith and live it out fully. I am so lucky to have gone to this conference, and hope my peers have a similar opportunity to listen to such inspiring, faith-filled, speakers.