Contractor Health and Safety

Health and safety is a shared responsibility and it requires the cooperation of contractors, suppliers, and vendors to achieve a healthy and safe worksite. Every contractor, prime contractor, supplier, and vendor must understand and comply with the OH&S act, regulations, and code and understand their roles and responsibilities as outlined in these documents.

Before commencing work, please familiarize yourselves with the Emergency Response Protocol Guide and the Emergency Response Plan listed here.

We require that all contractors, suppliers, and vendors wear a safety vest while working at St. Mary’s University along with any other PPE required as per OH&S regulations.

You are also required by OH&S regulations to report any incidents, near misses, or hazardous conditions to St. Mary’s University. You can access our incident report form and first aid record below.

Contractors, suppliers, and vendors must undergo a pre-qualification screening in order to be placed on our preferred vendors list. Once we have received all of the documents required for prequalification, contractors will receive an email with St. Mary’s safety orientation materials. The first time contractors come on site, they must meet with a health and safety representative to ensure that they have reviewed and understand all health and safety materials that pertain to the worksite. The pre-qualification document is provided below:

We also require daily field level hazard assessments to be submitted with every invoice so that we can ensure proper health and safety hazards have been acknowledged and controlled.

If you have any questions regarding health and safety at St. Mary’s University, please contact Eddy Souriol at or Stephanie Nash at