St. Mary’s Safe App

Trusted information about emergency situations in real-time

What is the St. Mary’s Safe App?

The St. Mary’s Safe is a mobile application for smartphones that will allow St. Mary’s University to provide official, real-time information during an emergency on campus. St. Mary’s University’s St. Mary’s Safe app will alert users for: closures, lockdowns, evacuations, severe weather alerts, and or any other interruptions or interference with normal operating procedures. It will also provide users with essential safety information, tools and resources around the clock. The St. Mary’s University St. Mary’s Safe app is free to download and is available for all smartphone devices via the Google Play store and Apple Store.

Who is St. Mary’s Safe For?

This app is designed for all St. Mary’s University stakeholders: students, staff, faculty and outside community members (vendors, parents, caregivers, campus visitors etc.)

Download Today!

Download St. Mary’s Safe today! It is the official safety app of St. Mary’s University. The app features emergency contacts, crisis alerts, in-app tip reporting, location services features, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Share Map: Share location with a friend by sending them a map to your position
  • I’m OK: Let someone know that you are safe by pressing one button
  • Friend Walk: Send your location any time of the day or night to a friend so they can track your route using a real-time geo-map
  • Work Alone: The St. Mary’s Safe app will automatically check on users and trigger a call to an emergency contact if you haven’t checked in due to an emergency or illness
Severe Weather, Active Shooter, Power Failure, Fire Alarm/Drill, Medical Emergency, Evacuation, Closure Notice, Crime in Progress
The St. Mary’s Safe app will send alerts in a various ways:

  • Push Notifications: You will receive alerts even when the app isn’t running on your phone. A notification will appear on your mobile device to let you know an alert from St. Mary’s University’s St. Mary’s Safe has been sent.
  • Alert Status: When the app is open a red strip notification will appear on the top of the app, when you tap the banner it will open up to give you more details about what to do or where to go.
An alert will immediately pop up on your mobile phone, with instructions relevant to the emergency situation. If you want further information, such as evacuation plans, those are located within the St. Mary’s Safe app for you to access.
We take your privacy very seriously! This app is designed not to track your personal data. The St. Mary’s Safe app does not collect any personal identifiable information from users unless the user requests it via a feature. Please read the privacy statement from AppArmor, who is the vendor that created the application for St. Mary’s University.