St. Mary’s student Ashley Rosales dazzles during One Rock Festival

Ashley Rosales

To say that Ashley Rosales has a full schedule may be an understatement. This local performer is a cantor at St. Anthony’s parish, a vocal coach with the Bishop Grandin High School Show Choir as well as a student entering her final year in the Bachelor of Education Program at St. Mary’s University.

Despite such a full calendar, Rosales found time to lend her voice to the One Rock Festival of Faith this year, describing her passion to share her faith through her love of music and song.
“I feel so blessed that I have been given such an opportunity to share music with my faith community,” said Rosales. “It’s an amazing opportunity and am so appreciative that the One Rock organizers entrusted me with such a responsibility.”

To be in the presence of such a like-minded community had a powerful impact on Rosales, who was able to witness first-hand the power that music and faith can have.

Ashley Rosales

“Being at One Rock reaffirms to me that our faith is so strong and that it has the ability to bring people together, despite difference in views –our faith is what holds us together and makes us a community.”

From the stage to the classroom

Having completed her first year of the Bachelor of Education program at St. Mary’s, Rosales is starting to see the parallels between performing on stage and leading a class as a teacher.

Ashley Rosales

“You really have to think quickly on your feet and you have to engage your audience,” explained Rosales. “You’re engaging students or you engaging an audience, you have to make it personal so that they tune in. You sing or teach from the heart or the soul that people can relate and hopefully come away with something.”

Rosales described her first year at St. Mary’s as amazing and credits her cohort and the professors for her experience.

Ashley Rosales

“I love my program and my professors, especially my cohort. I’ve been very blessed,” said Rosales. “My fellow cohort has been amazing and provided such wonderful support.”

“I could not have asked for a better program to prepare me for what lies ahead.”