Dear St. Mary’s Students and Faculty,
SLC - Heartfelt Holiday Card Sharing
For those of you who do not yet know me, my name is Julianna Driscoll, and I am your Vice President Events for the SLC at St. Mary’s. I am thrilled to announce that the University is collaborating with UAL (United Active Living – The Independent and Assisted Living Facility across the street from our campus) for a “Heartfelt Holiday Card Sharing” with the residents. We need connection with others right now more than ever, and this will be a wonderful way to provide everyone with some joy and a sense of togetherness this holiday season, without putting anyone at risk. Since many of the older adults at UAL are not able to see their friends or relatives during this time, we need to show them that they are not alone, as they deserve to feel loved and cared for, just as you do! We are hoping to encourage some of the residents to make cards responding to your cards as well.

We would really appreciate your help, as we need a total of 180 cards made! Everyone will make their cards individually on their own time, and then students and faculty will be able to drop off their holiday cards into a box at the front of the Administration building, where we will then quarantine the cards for 3 days prior to handling them and dropping them off at UAL.

You do not need to be artistic, but any effort would be much appreciated. For those who do not want to or cannot create a card, you can send me an email with a personalized message, and we will inscribe that message into one of the premade St. Mary’s holiday cards. If you would like to include your name in the card or message, that would be great, but is not required.

There is no need to respond to this email if you are willing to participate, but please hand in your card(s) to the St. Mary’s Admin building or email me ( with your personalized message by Monday, December 14th at 4:30pm.

To be reminded of this event and others in the future, follow the SLC on Instagram (@stmuslc) or “like” us on Facebook (St. Mary’s University Student Association SLC).

Your help and support would be extremely appreciated. Have a lovely weekend!

Kind Regards,
Julianna Driscoll