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St. Mary’s University, United Active Living enter into formal partnership

CALGARY – On Wednesday, December 7th, St. Mary’s University and United Active Living signed a memorandum of understanding signifying the formalization of a cooperative relationship to promote mutually beneficial activities in the areas of education, research and resource sharing.

The collaboration between the two institutions has already seen utilization of shared learning spaces, joint event attendance and the platform for a ground-breaking student residency program that features a St. Mary’s University student living within the UAL community.

“We are thrilled to partner with United Active Living to provide new and exciting opportunities for our students and for their residents,” said Bob Hann, Vice President Student Services at St. Mary’s University. “At St. Mary’s we believe that integration into the community is important in preparing our students to become engaged citizens and leaders of tomorrow.”

United Active Living provides residences for seniors in Calgary designed to promote physical, social and intellectual programs that transform the experience of aging. The Fish Creek location opened in 2015 and is located directly across the street from St. Mary’s University, providing a unique opportunity for collaboration.

“St. Mary’s University brings a richness and depth to our programs which is part of a true partnership, far greater than what we could do on our own,” said Gail Hinchliffe, President and Chief Operating Officer of United Active Living Inc. “It’s been a wonderful collaboration from the beginning since we opened and it continues to be so.”

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