In a previous post, we talked about ways to provide habitat for native pollinators. This week, we will explain more in depth how to plant flowers that can attract native pollinators to your yard.

Planting flowering plants is the best way to attract pollinators to your yard, since they provide nectar, pollen, and nesting materials. Native plants are best for attracting native pollinators, since the two groups have evolved together. We have included a list of some of the best native plants for attracting a wide variety of native pollinators, as well as suggestions for local nurseries where these plants can be bought below.

However, if you already have a well-established garden, don’t feel as though you must pull it up and replace it with all native species – non-native flowering plants can still benefit pollinators in your area. The most important thing to remember when trying to make your garden more pollinator-friendly is that to attract diverse pollinators, you need diverse flowers. Planting flowers of different sizes, shapes, and colors, with blooming times that are spread out, means that you will receive visits from many different pollinators from spring until fall. Establishing the right plants in your garden can also support bees for years to come, as hollow-stemmed species of plants such as raspberries, goldenrod, and beebalm give them a place to nest year after year.

Hopefully these tips help you attract more native pollinators into your garden! We have included the names and contact information of two local Calgary nurseries which can help you make your garden more pollinator friendly.

Local Native Plant Nurseries:

ALCLA Native Plants: Specializes in grass and forb plants and seeds

Bow Point Nursery: Specializes in tree and shrub plants and seeds