Hello everyone

I hope that the first week of term started well for you. It is so good to see some of you back on campus! And a big shout-out to those who are learning remotely from home. You are all part of the StMU learning community and very present in our minds, even when we can’t see you in the classroom.

This is the best time to organize yourself for the term, plan your schedule, and hone your habits for success. Lots of helpful information follows:

Important Dates
Add-Drop Jan. 18
Tuition due Jan. 20
Spring/Summer Timetable release Jan. 22

StMU SLC Presents: An Informational Evening on Mental Health with Jessi Beyer

Jessi Beyer
When: Friday, January 15th from 7-8pm for a virtual mental health presentation and Q&A with Jessi Beyer, an award-nominated speaker, mental health advocate, and #1 best-selling author. The event will focus on those struggling with their mental health, as well as provide information to support those who are struggling. There will also be a giveaway during the event that you do not want to miss!

This is a free event, and more information has been sent out to students and faculty, so look out for an Eventbrite invitation which will provide you with a link to the event once you have RSVPed. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, feel free to reach out to the SLC’s VP Events, Julianna Driscoll (julianna.driscoll@stmu.ca), or the SLC’s social media pages: Instagram (@stmuslc) or Facebook (St. Mary’s University Student Association SLC).

Education admissions for Fall 2021 are open

Many of you have your eyes on StMU’s 2-Year Education After-Degree, once you graduate with your BA or BSc. If you are graduating this year and want to be considered for the Education program, apply now. We have two streams: Elementary (K-6) and Secondary (7-12). Spaces are limited and we are admitting now. For details on admissions, see: https://stmu.ca/academics/education/

E-Sports Survey

Are you a gamer? Interested in recreational or competitive E-Sports? Then check your StMU email for a survey sent by our Institutional Researcher Isabel Cabrera. The survey closes Monday and results will help the University determine if we are going to pursue E-Sports on campus.

Anti-racism Initiatives at StMU

St. Mary’s University has been working on thoughtfully and actively responding to the systemic inequity and injustice that has led to the recent Black Lives Matter movement and the Calls to Action arising from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Building on the success of last term’s Anti-Racism Workshops, offered through Extension Studies, and calls for it be offered again, the series will run again this term. Stay tuned for more information.

Dr. Lance Dixon, Director of StMU’s Campus Ministry, has been working closely with local school boards to respond to racism by educating senior administrators and fostering deep dialogue to begin to inform and transform school culture. Check out this article for more detail about how St. Mary’s University is making a difference.

Catholic school district enlists St. Mary’s University expert to implement racial justice framework

Mandatory professional development courses focus on anti-racism

Bishop McNally students ended their October 2020 anti-racism walkout with a peaceful sit-in outside the Calgary Police Service’s Westwinds headquarters. (Nassima Way/CBC)

The Calgary Catholic School District is working with an expert from St. Mary’s University to address systemic racism within its jurisdiction.

Together, they’re implementing an equity framework meant to empower educators and administration to not only have meaningful conversations about race, but address issues of inequality appropriately.

“There’s a book that we’re using written by Glenn Singleton, and it’s called Courageous Conversations About Race, and that provides us a theoretical framework and helps us learn more about what we can do in this whole area,” said chief superintendent Bryan Szumlas.

He said he knows there is systemic racism within society — and as a result, in the education system.

“When we think of our own school jurisdiction, it made me think about how at times I had heard inappropriate jokes or comments that are being shared among staff members and that is totally inappropriate,” he said.

Szumlas says the district is in the process of implementing its racial justice framework, starting by providing mandatory professional development courses around anti-racism, on an ongoing basis, for principals and teachers.

“I think the first step is recognizing that there is an issue,” he said. “We have provided professional sessions for all of our principals in our school district, as well as back in November we had a professional development day for all of our staff at Calgary Catholic.”

Lance Dixon
Lance Dixon is the director of campus ministry at St. Mary’s University and is helping the Calgary Catholic School District implement a racial justice framework. (Submitted by Lance Dixon)
Lance Dixon, who is biracial, is the director of campus ministry at St. Mary’s University in southeast Calgary.

Transit Tickets for Sale on Campus
Reminder: we have obtained discounted student transit tickets. They are available for sale at the StMU Bookstore.